I loved the community! I enjoyed the fact that Trujillo wasn't difficult to navigate and it helped teach the volunteers independence! I developed relationships with the kids and parents who came into the clinic and I hope I had an impact on them as they did me. The staff were super friendly and liked to have fun! I will come back to Trujillo and this experience has a special place in my heart!!

Rebecca Parsons,

I definetly miss every single one of the staff members and the young children that inpacted extremly in my life. They made this trip worth it. I love the campaings, i learned things i was not going to learn at the age of 18. I learned how important CESAPU is for this people, and how important if for them to see us volonteering and helping them out. Vecause they get to have this kind of campaings for a low price. I would definetly love to go back, to help those people out and visit the children. I would love to visit my host family, I miss them alot , my host took care of us like a mother would.

Yareli Rodriguez ,

I had a phenomenal experience in Peru. The staff was incredibly friendly, thoughtful and engaging. They ensured I had the necessary resources and support for a constructive and wholesome experience. My favorite part was spending time with the kids in Cesapu. Their smiles and excitement were infectious and made me look forward to coming to the clinic each day. I also very much appreciated the medical lessons and tips provided by Diana and Dr. Jesus. I really don’t have anything to offer in terms of improvement. The website and pre-trip information emails did a great job of letting me know what to expect. The laid back and easy going nature of the clinic suited me well. If my schedule works out in the future, I can absolutely see myself returning

Will Ohley,

We had a wonderful and memorable week with the center's team and the local people, feeling welcomed, happy, valued and just so impressed with the work that these dedicated people are achieving. We strongly recommend that everyone supports CESAPU in every way they can! Many thanks to everyone there for our wonderful, fascinating, energetic and memorable stay.

Dr. Robin and Dr. Ming Keng Teoh,