Dr. Jorge, is the official dentist of HOP. He was born in Ica, a beautiful city located in the south of Peru and studied dentistry in Alas Peruanas University (UAP), and orthodontics in the National University of Trujillo (UNT) and holds a master in Dentistry. CESAPU now has its own dental consult, equipped to be able to do curations, fluoridations, among other interventions. Dr. Jorge is fluent in English & Spanish.

“Working in CESAPU is a great experience because we are in contact with the community in order to improve their oral health. During the time that I was working in CESAPU the incidence and prevalence of oral diseases have decreased. It is wonderful to see children and mothers smiles, because many times they do not have the access to the Peruvian health system. In my time with CESAPU, we have had dental groups, one was from Switzerland and they helped a lot with the community and we traveled to the Highlands to perform some dental treatments, and obviously we saw some beautiful Peruvian landscapes. I am going to be happy if you decide to work with us at this dream......Welcome to Peru!”