Hands to Teach

The ability to speak English is a unique and valuable skill in today’s global world. Knowing another language, especially a language that is as widespread as English, opens up many doors and opportunities for a child’s future. We want to help build a solid foundation where children can learn English, as many of the language classes they are offered in school are weakly structured with inadequate materials.

We offer English classes to three different groups of children and adults. These classes are dictated by native speakers from the United States, and are available to everyone. Registration for the class is 1 sol per person throughout the 2 months of summer break in Peru (January & February). It is exciting and inspiring to see the children progress in their knowledge of the language and the dedication that many of them have for coming to class on time every time.

Similarly, we aim to promote values, group integration, and provide encouragement to conquer their goals and dreams. Attaining the skill of speaking English, the children will be more competitive in the workplace and it will open more doors and provide opportunities for better jobs in the future. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the love, admiration and innocence that they share with their native teachers. Take the hand of a child, and together you will grow and help each other on this journey through life. The financial contributions of the volunteers will serve to provide study materials, lessons, and classes to teach these children.

**For the volunteers interested in applying for Hands to Teach, this program will be open year-round.