Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Our Vision

Mission of Hands on Peru

Hands on Peru is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit with an international commitment to improving access to medical care and quality education for disempowered and marginalized populations in Trujillo, Peru and its surrounding areas. We deeply recognize the importance of cultural exchange and global awareness of such public health needs in low and middle income countries, and we work to fill those gaps through the use of international medical volunteers. We hope to inspire all of our 100+ volunteers to return to low income countries to give service as their careers later develop.

Vision for Hands on Peru

To generate a change of the face of healthcare in Peru, shifting the paradigm from curation to prevention.

Mission of CESAPU

To develop in practice, together with the community, the determinants that allow for improvements in personal and communal health.

Vision of CESAPU

To build healthy and sustainable communities.